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$50 for For a Killer Bod
at Dailey Method Chicago

Summer is always right around the corner...even in the dead of Chi-Town winter. It's never too early to start looking hot in that dreaded bikini. Be a friend and give a jump start on their beach body prep! Read more »

$50 for For New Workout Gear
at Londo Mondo

You know the type: tiny bikini, perfect tan, rollerblades. We love to hate them, but secretly wish we looked that good. I bet she got some help from Londo Mondo! Read more »

$50 for For Whatever You'd Like
at *GiftBar of Choice*

Welcome to the perfect gift for anyone! Our Giftbar of Choice is our universal gift card that can be redeemed at any of our merchants across the country! Go ahead, gift them what they really want! *Not currently valid at any Exhale Spa locations* Read more »

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